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Jesse’s 4th gen Civic – Build for purpose

In a very small village somewhere in the south-west of the Netherlands you can find Jesse de Smit, the owner of this Civic. The roads around town are not wide enough to fit 2 cars, the cell phone signal is very weak and it is very quiet around there. In Jesse’s backyard there is a small garage where Jesse spends a lot of time improving his toy.

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Loving the Kanjo lifestyle

It’s funny how fast the world has become increasingly smaller with the rise of the world wide web. The last few years have been a feast for everyone and everything with an interest in the Japanese car scene, which of course is a good thing!
The famous Kanjo racers for example have been causing havoc on the famous Osaka Loop since the eighties but now anybody with an interest in these crazy guys and their crazy (mostly) Civic’s finds that the interwebs is a neverending source of inspiration! Continue reading