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#WNGN – We’ve only just begun!

Evolution. Mother nature’s way of improving our humble blue planet. We started out as a microbe. The microbe evolved into a fish. The fish evolved into a reptile. The reptile evolved into monkey and the monkey evolved into a human being. The same thing can be applied to the automotive scene and in this case I’ll take our own meetings as an example because it’s a perfect example of automotive evolution at its best! Continue reading


#WNGN a done deal

Individually we can all be damn proud of where we came from whether you’ve worked hard to finish your project, traveled for hours to get to the event, support WNGN with your photography or video skills or inspire people with the style of your car. Collectively I believe we have one hell of an amazing Japanese car scene right now. If I look back to one of the very first meets Wangan Warriors organised, we’ve come a long way. None of that would be possible without so many loyal people surrounding us throughout the years. Continue reading


Quick stop at JB-Tuning

So here is something I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a while. A few weeks ago I shared this Work in progress article and told you a little something about our very own Allard’s Rockin’ Roadster. After I captured Allard’s Roadster, he took me to visit JB tuning which was only a 20min drive from his place so I thought it was cool to meet some new faces and discover some projects. Little did I know how awesome the place would be. Continue reading