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Dennis Köhler – 460Hp Mazda Miata Turbo

Dennis Köhler is a familiar name on this blog. We’ve mentioned this young drift talent a few times in our Nürburgring Drift Cup coverage in the past. Our video guy Antonis of Anto Moto did an interview with Dennis at the Müllenbachschleife during the last NDC round. He showed every single inch on the furious NA and some nice action footage. Watch the video! Continue reading


NDC 2015 round 2 – Having fun

This post has been very long in the making. Many weeks in fact, with many many rewrites. Why? Because I seem to be unable to write an event report like my fellow bloggers here at Wangan Warriors. Their blogs, like Bill’s articles about King of Europe, read like a complete story. I usually read them at least twice, and I always get the feeling I was there too at an event.
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NDC15: It has begun

NDC15 has officially kicked off with Round 1 of the Nürburgring Drift Cup and boy it was an interesting start of the season. The weeks before an event is always a little nerve-racking and especially when you’re visiting the German Eifel. I’m always hoping for nice weather and praying for some known teams to return to the Müllenbachschleife again. I was happily surprised that some of my favourite teams and drivers signed up again for the start of the Drift Cup and couldn’t wait to get out there. Continue reading


NDC Round 4: The core of German drifting

Let’s take a moment to talk about German drifting, something I wasn’t too familiar with until last weekend when I headed to NDC Round 4. The Nürburgring Drift Cup has been a growing phenomenon since the first event which was held in 2013. After the birth of drift culture in Japan it has infected numerous motorsport enthusiasts from all over the world and evidently Europe has got a taste for it as well. Finally Germany has a solid home for drifting alongside some of the bigger leagues from the UK, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The famous Müllenbachschleife has been the playing field for this event over the last 5 rounds and has proven to become the core of German drifting. Continue reading