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Dennis Köhler – 460Hp Mazda Miata Turbo

Dennis Köhler is a familiar name on this blog. We’ve mentioned this young drift talent a few times in our Nürburgring Drift Cup coverage in the past. Our video guy Antonis of Anto Moto did an interview with Dennis at the Müllenbachschleife during the last NDC round. He showed every single inch on the furious NA and some nice action footage. Watch the video! Continue reading


Little red ringtool

As you might know, Wangan Warriors is more than just the blog and a healthy FB page. It’s also a group of friends who like to get together every now and then to have a laugh, BBQ or take weekend trips to the famous Nürburgring. These weekends are all about the above and of course to drive a few laps ourselves and/or to watch what and who is trying to conquer the Ring. It was during one of these trips when I spotted a a little red ringtool at Brunchen and seeing as I’m always on the look out for stuff to shoot and cars to feature, I thought this Civic would make a nice spotlight feature for our humble blog! Continue reading


Nürburgring 24h: Dreams come true

We all have goals in life right? Goals often find their origin in a dream and that’s where the idea of something you want to achieve suddenly comes to life. For many people dreams are nothing more than the word and an idea itself. Dreams do not always come true for everybody which is unfortunate of course. I have a strong belief that no matter how big the dream is, if you persue that dream with the ideas you have you will eventually reach your goal. Continue reading


The Year Through My Lens

As I’m sat staring at a blank page wondering exactly where to start with explaining what this whole year has meant to me, it’s made my mind think way back to right where everything started. Why? Because this year has undoubtedly been a giant leap towards what I had hoped to achieve when I was sat in this same position exactly a year ago. I wasn’t writing an article for Wangan Warriors at that time, which is why I believe 2014 is where it truly started, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to come on-board with the team. It’s been a hectic one, no doubt – and for that reason I’d like to take the opportunity to not just talk about the craziness that has made this year, but also to go back and introduce myself properly as part of WW.
Continue reading


Twenty Fourteen: My moments

Twenty fourteen is over. It became somewhat of a tradition for us to revise the year and look back at some of our adventures and that’s exactly what I’m about to do. It’s actually been a busy twelve months for me and thinking back there is a lot to talk about. I traveled to some amazing places in Europe and met a lot of new people. It’s weird to think how fast time has passed because some events, trips or photoshoots just feel like yesterday. Luckily there are lots of good memories to talk about so let’s get started! Continue reading


Weekend Wallpaper: Winter is coming

This weekend wallpaper contains something we don’t see every day. As we all know, the Nürburgring is unpredictable when it comes to the weather conditions. We’ve been teased with some amazing winter scenes from the Nordschleife the past couple of days and I thought I’d drive over there to see it for myself. As we arrived at one side of the track, it looked like it was completely dry but the part of the track on the other side of the mountains were completely covered in snow. Continue reading


NDC Round 4: The core of German drifting

Let’s take a moment to talk about German drifting, something I wasn’t too familiar with until last weekend when I headed to NDC Round 4. The Nürburgring Drift Cup has been a growing phenomenon since the first event which was held in 2013. After the birth of drift culture in Japan it has infected numerous motorsport enthusiasts from all over the world and evidently Europe has got a taste for it as well. Finally Germany has a solid home for drifting alongside some of the bigger leagues from the UK, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The famous Müllenbachschleife has been the playing field for this event over the last 5 rounds and has proven to become the core of German drifting. Continue reading


Weekend Wallpaper: NDC first moments

Day one one the Nürburgring Drift Cup has just come to an end and it’s been an intense day. Alex and myself are having a great time and we will spoil you with coverage in the coming weeks. Today was mainly a practice day and tomorrow the first qualifications and competition sessions start. We will be trackside to capture that from beginning until the very end! Continue reading


Weekend Wallpaper: N24

It’s been a while since we last shared a nice Weekend Wallpaper right? Well a few of our crewmembers such as myself visited the N24 this year and captured some material which will probably not be used for blog content but more so for our personal portfolios. I figured there are loads of Nürburgring fans out there so I hope this Nissan GTR is a nice sight for your desktop. Continue reading


Announcement: Content overload!

As we’re planning new stuff and working our way through some of the content that’s coming, we have a few announcements to make so you readers know what the hell is coming to you from Wangan Warriors HQ. There is a lot going on this weekend and I’d like to give you a little taste of who’s doing what, when and where. Our very own Allard is covering the NSX Club Europe Tour and will be visiting a handful of amazing places. Continue reading