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Mimms Honda Day 2017: Season kickoff!

The weather is getting better, projects are being finished and people are getting excited! Time to wash the cars, get some fuel and drive a lot of kilometers for a car show. Mimms Honda Day was the kick-off of the 2017 season for me. This was a special one in my opinion because I got my CRX back on the road after 2 years and I drove to the UK right away.

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Dropped: That particular Lexus

It’s a shame that I don’t attend various events that often anymore. Not that I’m not interested in them but my motivation to be on the road and driving to many places eased a lot over the past two years. Every once in a while I do decide to behave a little different and I go on a little impromtu trip. When I found out that the ‘Dropped’ event was taking place near my home, it didn’t take me too long to decide to go over and have a look. Continue reading


Introducing Daniël’s Aristo: I was born on a mountainside

Allow me to introduce our newest Wangan Warriors member, Daniël Waare and his Toyota Aristo. If I recall correctly it was Super Sunday 2011 at the Zandvoort circuit when I first laid eyes on this impressive piece of machinery. At that time I had no idea how his project would evolve or who the owner was. In fact, Daniël, were you the owner back then? Nonetheless we are absolutely honoured and pleased with his presence in our cosy car club. I wanted to take everybody through a little journey from my first acquaintance with Daniël until the fun moments we already had in the past few months. Continue reading


Spotlight: An immaculate Integra DB8

We at Wangan Warriors are constantly on the look out for fresh content for the blog. Often we are on the lookout at meetings or events to pick the cream of the crop for a shoot but sometimes events unfold themselves not as you would expect. In this case I stumbled upon Robin’s immaculate DB8 via Facebook. I saw one single photo and I just knew I had to get this car in front of my lens! Continue reading


Car feature: Gerben’s pride

Here at Wangan Warriors we accept many styles and ways of thinking from the people who visit our meetings, website or forum. If you want to build your car for track use only, that’s fine. If you want to scrape your civic like nobody else does, that’s fine too. Do you like it ghetto style and tie-wrap the sh*t out of it, feel free to do so! Do you like it clean and spend some money on importing wheels from across the globe, why not!? We’re always looking for unique ways of living and approaches of your personals styles and flavours. A perfect example is Gerben’s Impreza  WRX bug-eye. Continue reading